Chelated Micronutrients

Every crop needs several kind of nutrients. Our Grogreen Micro product line contributes to crop quality improvement and increases crop production and yields around the world. Constituting of single chelated micronutrients such as Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Boron (B) and Molybdenum (Mo) or a combination of these micronutrients (Gromix), Grogreen Micro products are crucial in the overall plants health.

Lima Europe's chelates guarantee correct absorption and assimilation of the oligo-elements by the crops, thus avoiding possible precipitation or the forming of non-soluble products that could decrease their efficacy.

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Boron (B)

Boron chelated liquid (15.4% B) for cell wall strength and development, fruit and seed development and germination of pollen grains and pollen tubes growth

Copper (Cu)

Efficient and totally soluble Copper E-15 (EDTA-chelated 15% Cu) to increase sugar content, intensify color, improve flavour of fruits and vegetable. Major function in photosynthesis and reproductive stages.

Iron (Fe)

Iron promotes chlorophyll formation and function and reactions involving cell division and growth. It is a constituent of enzymes and proteins. We have a wide range of iron products with different concentrations.

Manganese (Mn)

Manganese E-13 (EDTA-chelated 13% Mn) aids in chlorophyll synthesis (photosynthesis), increases availability of P and Ca and accelerates germination and maturity

Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum ( in Gromix MS or ME) is required to form nitrate reductase and nitrogenase (Bacterial N2-fixation)  and needed to convert inorganic phosphates to organic forms in the plant

Zinc (Zn)

Zinc aids plant growth hormones production (auxins: internode elongation). It is required for chlorophyll production, carbohydrate and starch formation. It aids in seed formation  and it is necessary for enzyme systems for energy production, protein synthesis and growth regulation.

Chelated micnonutrient fertilizers for optimal yields

ProductChelateComposition ApplicationpH stability
Gromix MEEDTA1.3% B
7.5% Fe-EDTA
0.24% Mo
3.3% Mn-EDTA
0.28% Cu-EDTA
1.3% Zn-EDTA
Soil-Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 6.5
Gromix MSEDTA/
1.3% B
6.5% Fe-DTPA
0.24% Mo
3% Mn-EDTA
0.28% Cu-EDTA
1.3% Zn-EDTA
Soil-Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 7.5
Liquid Boron-15.4% B (11% w/w)Soil-Hydroponics– Foliar3 – 10
Copper E-15EDTA15% Cu – EDTASoil – Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 10
Ferox 6EDDHA6% Fe – EDDHASoil – Hydroponics 3 – 7.5
Ferral 6EDDHA6% Fe – EDDHASoil – Hydroponics 3 – 11
Iron D-11DTPA11% Fe – DTPASoil – Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 7.5
Iron E-13EDTA13% Fe – EDTASoil – Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 6.5
Manganese E-13EDTA13% Mn – EDTASoil – Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 10
Zinc E-15EDTA15% Zn - EDTASoil – Hydroponics – Foliar3 – 10
GL MicroGLY 16 1.11% B
0.24 % Cu
6.30% Fe
2.55% Mn
0.21% Mo
6.42% Zn
Foliar3 – 8