Foliar Gel

Lima Europe has a complete range of foliar fertilizers to develop the full crop potential. We want to ensure that your crops have what they need and that farmers can get better performance from their crops.

Our unique formulations provide balanced nutrition of one or a mixture of nutrients ready for you to apply at the right moment where your crop needs it.

Lima Europe Premium foliar fertilizers are so efficient, with fast visible results and long lasting effect. They protect and nourish, mild for foliage. They improve efficiency of other agrochemicals. They are bioactivated, concentrated, specially recommended for intensive cropping helping plants recover from stress impact.

Gel structure optimizes plants treatment efficiency:

• Reduces the surface tension of the drop forming

• Increases leaf retention

• Promotes stomatal opening and cuticular absorption

• Allows for better dosing and handling than solid

• Facilitates the dissolution and therefore the assimilation

• Interacts less with the rest of the foliar products 


STARTER 16-69-16 + Micronutrients

This Gel is a high Phosphorus formulation for stages such as root development, flowering, fruit setting and transplanting

VEGETATIVE 27-27-27 + 3 MgO + TE

This Gel is an allround fertilizer, particularly suitable for alkaline and saline soils. Calcium from soil is released reducing salt stress in the root zone

FRUIT 18-11-59 + 2 MgO + Micronutrients

This Gel is a high Potassium formulation that promotes ripening, enhances colour, increases sugar content and hardness of fruits

CALCIPHOS 9-64-0 + 11 CaO + Mg + Zn + B

Calciphos is a stress relieving product used for both drip irrigation and foliar application for the stages of plant development


Ca/B Gel is a highly concentrated Calcium fertilizer synergized with Boron which increases flowering and fruit set so this leads to higher yields

MICRO Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo (175 g/l) GLY 16 Chelated

Grogreen Gel Micro is a multipurpose micronutrient complex for foliar micronutrient deficiency correction

Packaging sizes

Now, you can find our products in 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg.

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20 kg box


 5 kg box