MICRO Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, GLY 16 chelated


Grogreen Gel Micro is a multipurpose micronutrient complex for foliar micronutrient deficiency correction. The small GLY16 complex is ideal for leaf penetration and transport in the plant. The presence of amino acids helps the crop counteracting with stress symptoms and helps vigour and growth. GLY16 stimulates chlorophyll production and increases photosynthesis and overall plant growth.

Micronutrients are essential to ensure high yields and optimum crop quality. They are needed in small quantities and therefore they should be applied only when the soil is poor or when they are in unassimilable form by crops.

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Crops are highly dependent on micronutrients due to the introduction of more demanding varieties of crops, new farming techniques and, of course, high yields. Therefore, the contribution of micronutrients is essential to ensure not only good harvests, but also foods with high nutritional value.

Micro foliar application has the main advantage of being quickly absorbed. It is very effective treating and correcting deficiencies because the nutrients are applied directly on the leaves rather than being absorbed from the roots.

It is suitable for specific applications to stimulate crops after some stress or when they are at a particular stage of development such as flowering, fruit set or fruit ripening.

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Nitrogen Total (N)9.0%
Urea Nitrogen (N-NH2)3.50%
Organic Nitrogen (N)5.50%
Boron (B), soluble in water1.71%
Copper (Cu), 100%, GLY-chelated, soluble in water0.23%
Iron (Fe), 100% GLY-chelated, soluble in water6.3%
Manganese (Mn), 100% GLY-chelated, soluble in water2.55%
Molybdenum (Mo), soluble in water0.18%
Zinc (Zn), 100% GLY-chelated, soluble in water6.56%


0.5 - 1.5 kg per ha per application