Pro-mino is a plant-based amino acid product with high concentration of amino acids that improves the vegetative and root development, induces flowering, pollination and fruit set, increase the quality and quantity of crops, and protects the crop against adverse conditions.

The free amino acids which are present in this gel are quickly absorbed by plants and comply to a large number of physiological functions. In addition, this product contains biostimulant factors, organic materia and a vitamin complex.

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Why our product is different

-It is a highly concentrated, soluble amino acid Gel offering unique properties in terms of concentration.  It brings soluble biostimulants to a higher level of performance combining advantages of different technologies in one product.

-Balanced proportion of different amino acids which it means that all basic functions of plants are compensated, providing a balanced stimulation.

-High contents of proline, glycine, and glutamic acid are essential for plants development.

-One of the products with highest concentration of N(8 %) and amino acids(40%) in the market.

-Great purity as it is a bio stimulant with no chlorides and pollutants heavy metals.

-Complete solubility

-Plant-based amino acids therefore no phytotoxicity and growth reduction

-Plant-based amino acids contain also, in contrast to animal-based products, soluble carbohydrates, phytohormones and phenols, which play an important role in energy metabolism and oxidative stress defences


Our product is 100% water soluble, contains 40% of amino acids, biostimulant factors, organic materia and a vitamin complex. Its composition and characteristics are shown in the table below.

Total Nitrogen7 % w/w
Solubility100% water soluble
ColourBrown gel
Amino acid nitrogen7 % w/w
Total amino acids40 % w/w
Presentation1 Kg/bag



Pro-mino is a product which can be used in a wide variety of crops: horticultural crops, fruit trees, nut trees, subtropical fruit trees, citrus, olive, vine, industrial crops such as beetroot and sunflower, forage crops and cereals.

If the compatibility is unknown, a compatibility test is recommended.

It can be used at any time but it is especially suitable for high energy consumption periods and periods of stress both in drip irrigation and foliar application.

General dosage: Foliar, Drip Irrigation. For the recovery from frost the dosage can be risen by 25%.


Recommended dosages for different crops in both drip irrigation and also in foliar application in the following table:


CropFertigationFoliar (ml/hl)FrequencyStage
Horticultural crops3-4 l/ha200-3007-14 daysVeg.development, Flowering, Maturation
Olive20 ml/tree250Preflowering, flowering, fruit set and maturation
Citrus10 ml/tree250Flowering, fruit set,maturation
Vine6 ml/vine250Pre-flowering, Flowering, fruit set
Fruit trees6 ml/tree200-300Flowering, fruit set,maturation
Salinity/High Temperature Stress200-400Once
Frost6-20 ml/tree400Once