New Product Pro-mino

Pro-mino is a plant-based amino acid product with high concentration of amino acids that improves the vegetative and root development, induces flowering , pollination and fruit set , increases the quality and quantity of crops, and protects the crop against adverse conditions.

Why our product is different

-It is a highly concentrated, soluble amino acid suspension Gel offering unique properties in terms of concentration.  It brings soluble biostimulants to a higher level of performance combining advantages of different technologies in one product.

-Balanced proportion of different amino acids which it means that all basic functions of plants are compensated, providing a balanced stimulation.

-High contents of proline, glycine, and glutamic acid are essential for plants development.

-One of the products with highest concentration of N(8%) and amino acids(40%) in the market.

-Great purity as it is a bio stimulant with no chlorides and pollutants heavy metals.

-Complete solubility

-Plant-based amino acids therefore no phytotoxicity and growth reduction

-In contrast to animal-based products, plant-based amino acids contain also soluble carbohydrates, phytohormones and phenols, which play an important role in energy metabolism and oxidative stress defences

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