About Lima Europe

Lima Europe is a global supplier of specialty fertilizer products. The story of Lima started in Belgium in 1999. Since then the company developed to a global player based on its core competence in specialty fertilizer technology, building itself and its famous GROGREEN brand a reputation of quality and reliability.


Global presence
We have a presence in all regions in which soluble fertilizers contribute to saving water and increasing yields. Our wide geographical coverage enables us to identify and respond swiftly to new trends and opportunities. Wherever we are active, we seek to integrate our operations seamlessly with the local agricultural practices. We always make it a priority to develop good relations with local business partners.


We want to safeguard the future of our company through sustainable profitable growth. We want to do this by implementing our technological lead creating innovative products that work in the fields of our farmers.



  • We derive our strength as a company from the lasting relationships we build with our customers, suppliers and other business partners, with a clear focus on creating win-win solutions.
  • Continuously meeting customer expectations is the foundation of our growth.
  • Our focus on innovation and our relentless pursuit of operational excellence give us a competitive advantage.

Lima Europe is committed to continuing research and development in order to offer farmers the most effective products on the market.



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