Fertilizer guide



Aubergine or Eggplant belongs to the Solanaceae family, species Solanum melongena L. It is native to tropical and subtropical Asian areas. Herbaceous plant where its stems have lignified tissues that give a shrub and annual appearance. The flower is white to purple, with a five-lobed corolla and yellow stamens. The egg-shaped, glossy, purple fruit has white flesh with a meaty texture.

Climate: It is a crop of warm and dry climates, so it is considered one of the most demanding in heat (more than tomatoes and peppers). It supports well the high temperatures, when humidity is adequate, tolerating up to 40-45ºC. The average temperature should be between 23-25ºC.

  • Germination: Optimum temperature 20-25°C, minimum temperature 15°C and maximum temperature 35°C

  • Vegetative Growth: Optimum temperature 20-27°C, minimum temperature 13-15°C and maximum temperature 40-45°C

  • Flowering and Fruit development: Optimum temperature 20-30°C

HumidityThe optimum relative humidity ranges from 50% to 65%.

LightIt is a very demanding plant in luminosity as it requires 10 to 12 hours of light per day.

Soil: It is not demanding in terms of soil, because it has a powerful and deep root system. However, the most suitable soils are the deep and loamy ones.

pH: 6-7

Carbon dioxide in greenhouses: Levels of 400 to 600 ppm of CO2 produce an increase in production. 

Nutritional requirements

Growth conditions Yield N P2O5 K2O
Outdoor 60 210-310 90-120 320-400
Greenhouse 70 400 200 500


Fertigation recommendations

Nutrient dosages (kg/ha)
Growth Yield (t) N P2O5 K2O
Outdoor 50-70 246-280 90-120 320-400
Greenhouse 65-75 370-390 120-150 400-480


Foliar fertilizers

Foliar fertilization is the fastest and most effective method to supplement and enrich plant nutrition and to correct nutritional deficiencies when needed. This contributes significantly to higher and better quality productions.

Potassium, Manganese, Iron (usual deficiencies in Fe and Mn) and Boron are also applied via foliar. Lima Europe has a wide range of foliar fertilizers and special products for foliar application.

To verify the safe rate under local conditions, it is advisable to spray recommended rate on a few plants. After 3-4 days check the tested plants for scorching symptoms.

Aubergine fertilizer program

5 NPK Terra 12-44-12 + 6 CaO + 3 MgO + TE

5 NPK Multi 20-20-20 + 6 CaO + 3 MgO + TE

5 NPK Fructus 18-9-36 + 6 CaO + 3 MgO +TE

Starter 16-69-16 +TE: 2-5 kg/ha 

Vegetative 27-27-27 + 3 MgO + TE: 2-5 kg/ha 

Fruit 18-11-59 + 2 MgO + TE: 2-5 kg/ha.

Grogreen Ca/B: 2-5 kg/ha. In order to correct Ca deficiency and avoid Blossom-End-Rot. Ca/B increases flowering and fruit set

Pro-mino: 200-300 ml/hl from vegetative growth to maturity

Fe/Mn/Zn: 2-4 kg/ha. In order to correct possible deficiencies

proteKt-K50: 2 l/ha. For a supplement of K