GROGREEN Ca/B is a highly concentrated calcium fertilizer in gel form combined with boron that is quickly absorbed and assimilated by the plant.

Calcium and boron are structural components in cell walls. Deficiencies of these elements will compromise the plant cell wall integrity leading to quality issues of the marketable products such as blossom end rot, tip burning, bitter pit or internal browning.

Calcium improves the quality and consistency of the fruits and prevents decay, while boron improves the synthesis and transport of sugars. These factors increase the fruit set rate, yield and quality of the fruits.

The combination of calcium and boron in one product also allows to alleviate boron toxicity symptoms. The calcium induced plant protection mechanisms through the accumulation of proline, total soluble carbohydrates and photosynthetic pigments in leaves.

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Calcium Oxide (CaO), soluble in water16.40%23.80%
Sulphur Trioxide (SO3), soluble in water21.30%30.90%
Boron (B), soluble in water1.74%2.52%
Glycine Betaine5.00%7.25%


Crop Dosage (kg/ha) Application ratesApplication timing
Cereals3-41-2From first node until flowering.
Rice3-41-2Beginning of tillering until flowering.
Corn3-41-2Apply on tillering and before silking stage.
Sugar beet3-52-3Applications at 4 – 6 leaf stage, at row closure and during tuber growth.
Cotton3-41-2During the vegetative growth and on green bolls.
3-4Apply on tuber initiation, repeat at the beginning of tuber growth and during
tuber fattening.
6-84-5Apply during the accelerated vegetative growth, before flowering, after fruit
setting and during the fruit growth and fattening stage.
3-5 2-3Apply with 2 week intervals, starting from the accelerated vegetative growth till
15 - 20 days before harvesting.
6-84-5Applications start after fruit set with 2 - 3 week intervals until 15 - 20 days before
5-6 4-5Apply throughout the growing season, from new shoot stage, after fruit set,
véraison stage till 15 days before harvesting.
Citrus5-6 4-5According to deficiency, the applications may start on spring shoots, then after
fruit set, after June drop, during fruit growth till before maturity.
Banana6-84-6Apply from vegetative growth until beginning of fruit apparition. Perform 2
extra applications directly on cluster during fruit maturation.
OSR3-52-31st application: In Sep.- Oct. during leaf development – rosette formation (stage B).
2nd application: During stem elongation after winter dormancy (stage C).
3rd application: At free buds (stage D2).