Drip Irrigation

The application of nutrients through irrigation systems is referred to as <<Fertigation>>. The incorporation of soluble fertilizers into the irrigation water is allowing the integration and harmonization between the supply of water and the supply of plant nutrients. This leads to higher yields while using less quantity of fertilizer and water because an adequate supply of nutrients and water can be applied directly to the plant root zone.

Lima Europe offers a full range of 100% water soluble products with very high concentration of nutrients. They are made from the purest ingredients and are free from any impurities and insolubles. A product that is packaged in a GROGREEN bag meets the highest standards of the industry and can be used for the most demanding applications.

We have two different fertilizer lines: powder NPK and GEl FIVE. The powder NPK are tailor-made formulations that can be supplied according to the needs of the crop in very specific situations (soil condition, climate, ...). GEL FIVE is an acidic product line that combines NPK with calcium, magnesium and trace elements in a completely water soluble form.

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