Five - NPK + Calcium + Magnesium



The GROGREEN FIVE product line is the first of its kind, combining high levels of NPK with calcium, magnesium and all needed trace elements.

These gel products are a state of the art solution for drip irrigation, combining 3 different applications in one: the supply of the macronutrients, supply of calcium (and magnesium) and acidification of the soil.

The product provides acidity to neutralize and dissolve bicarbonates, avoiding clogging of drippers and releasing unattainable nutrients for the plant. The unique composition makes it the number one solution for soils that suffer from alkalinity and salinity.

The range of GROGREEN FIVE products provide a complete plant nutrition program throughout the growth cycle as FIVE is available in different NPK ratios to meet the plant needs at different crop stages.


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Low pH. Neutralizes Alkaline/Saline soils

Increases soil nutrient availability by reducing excess of alkalinity. Reduces water pH by applying directly to hard water.

Anti clogging action

Helps to prevent precipitates by neutralizing and dissolving bicarbonates, which aids in keeping irrigation systems clean.

Efficiency improving yields and quality

Acidifies the soil environment thus increasing and improving these 5 nutrients and rest of nutrient uptake.

FIVE nutrients

Most used soluble fertilizer ratio (20-20-20) now, finally with Ca, Mg and chelated micronutrients.

Unique composition

Unique composition with higher solubility for a better performance.

5 : New NPK+Ca+Mg fertilizer for Fertigation

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Balanced NPK formulation with high levels of calcium and magnesium with TE.


High potassium formula with high levels of calcium and magnesium with TE.


High phosphorous formula with high levels of calcium and magnesium with TE.