FRUIT NPK 18-11-59 + 2 MgO + Micronutrients

GROGREEN Gel Fruit NPK 18-11-59 + 2 MgO + TE is a high potassium formulation to promote ripening, enhance colour, increase sugar content and hardness and improve yield and crop quality.

This NPK with magnesium and micronutrients is suitable for crops that do not tolerate chlorides and it is particularly suited to be combined with pesticides when hard water conditions are present.

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Nitrogen Total (N)10.00%18.0%
Nitrate Nitrogen(NO3)4.20%7.6%
Ureic Nitrogen (NH2), soluble in water5.80%10.4%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5), soluble in water6.00%11.0%
Potassium Oxide (K2O), soluble in water32.70%59.0%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO), soluble in water1.10%2.0%
Boron (B), soluble in water0.010%0.018%
Copper (Cu), 100% EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.002%0.004%
Iron (Fe), 100% EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.050%0.090%
Manganese (Mn), 100% EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.020%0.045%
Molybdenum (Mo), soluble in water0.002%0.004%
Zinc (Zn), 100% EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.010%0.018%


Soil application:

The general dose for single application varies between 3 – 10 kg/ha/application. Timing and dosage depends on the crop involved.
For continuous fertigation, the recommended concentration in feed solutions varies from
0.3 to 1,5 g/l (0.03 to 0.15 %). The standard recommendation for most cropping conditions is 1 g/l of water.


Foliar application:

Apply 2 – 5 kg/ha/application with a maximum concentration of 0,5% (5 grams per liter).
Always use in sufficient water volume to guarantee full coverage of the foliage.


Crop specific recommendations can be given upon request and according to specific soil, crop and climate conditions.