For more than 10 years, GROGREEN GEL has been present in the market. With its very high concentration, low pH and added adjuvants, this is the perfect product line to use for foliar feeding of your crop.

It can be combined with plant protection products and will enhance their efficiency because of pH buffering capacities in hard water conditions.

The advantages of both powder and liquid fertilizers are combined in these products, combining the high concentration of powders with the useful (liquid) additives used in liquid formulations.

The gel structure optimizes plant treatment efficiency by:

  • Reducing surface tension
  • Increasing leaf retention
  • Promoting stomatal opening and cuticular absorption
  • Allowing better and easier dosage
  • Facilitating the dissolution and therefore the assimilation.

Here below you can browse through all different foliar gel products that supply NPK for different growth stages and/or purposes.

Starter NPK 16-69-16 +TE

A high phosphorus formulation for stages such as root development, flowering and fruit setting.

Calciphos NP 9-64-0 + 11 CaO + 1 MgO + B + Zn

Combining high levels of phosphorus with calcium in a water soluble form. Designed for flower initiation and fruit maturation.

Fruit NPK 18-11-59 + 2 MgO + TE

A high potassium formulation with magnesium and sulphur to apply during fruit development and maturation.

Vegetative NPK 27-27-27 + 3 MgO + TE

A balanced, multi-purpose formulation of very high concentration with magnesium and trace elements to prevent deficiencies in general.

Brassica NPK 9-9-39 + 6.7 MgO + TE

NPK formula with high levels of potassium, magnesium and sulphur designed for Brassicaceae.

P-K-S NPK 6-47-44 + 4.5 CaO + 13.7 SO3 + TE

Combining phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulphur to be used as a root activator, to increase flowering and to finish off fruit development.