Foliar Application

Foliar Feeding provides fast, on-the-spot nutrition to ensure high, top quality yields. It serves as an effective supplementary feeding to complete soil fertilization and for prompt correction of nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of nutrients at specific stages of crop development boosts yield and improves quality.

Complementary nutrition

Foliar application of nutrients complements soil application and Fertigation when root uptake is disturbed, when soil fertilization is inadequate or when you want to supply nutrients with restricted mobility in the phloem such as Ca, B, Fe, Mn or Zn.

Corrective nutrition

Foliar uptake of nutrients is much faster than root uptake. Therefore, foliar fertilization is the method of choice when deficiency symptoms are noted and prompt correction of deficiencies is required. Nutrients rapidly absorbed through the foliage will provide the plant with the missing nutrients and strengthen it.

In specific growth stages

Plants require different amounts of nutrients in different growth stages and it is often difficult to control the nutrient balance in the soil. Foliar applications of essential nutrients during key stages can improve yield and quality.

Mechanism of Foliar Fertilization

There are 2 main pathways of entry for foliar nutrients: passive diffusion across the cuticle and through the stomata.







Passive diffusion is responsible for the majority of nutrient uptake

Uptake rate depends on solute concentration on the leaf surface

Concentration depends on spray concentration and relative humidity

Passive diffusion efficiency improves because the rate of solute that can be applied to the leaf surface without causing damage is higher, and it also remains in the active state on the leaf surface for longer

Get to know our Foliar Products

Nutritional Correctors

Products to rapidly correct specific nutrient deficiency symptoms.


Highly concentrated GEL products with a low pH and adjuvants, perfect for the combination with pesticides.

Groleaf NPK

Foliar specific powder formulations of high concentration.