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Lima Europe offers the highest quality fertilizers and the best service to our customers. We dedicate a great number of human, material and economic resources into innovation in the area of agrochemical products and resources to research and development, continually creating new tailor-made products to meet farmers' needs.

Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars on which we base our strategy thus ensuring competitiveness ensure the sustainability of our business and contributing to agriculture

Lima Europe, through the actions of R&D, manages to remain as a leading company offering modern and advanced products to the market and at the same time expanding our knowledge to provide a valuable advice service to the farmer.

Our R&D department has as a main goal to expand the range of products offered by Lima Europe to international markets. We adapt them to changes required by new cultivation techniques, new crop varieties and following international, European and Belgian agricultural and environmental policies. That way we contribute to achieve the market objectives while maintaining the principles of sustainability and rationalization of fertilization.

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