K-Humate is a modified potassium humate that is designed to provide superior solubility over the entire useful pH range and it can be formulated with both basic and acidic fertilizers.

After applying the product to the soil, it will increase the soil properties by acting as a complexing agent for soil nutrients and keeping those nutrients available for the plant.

It will also improve the soils physical, chemical and biological properties by providing organic carbon, potassium and a source of metabolizing energy for soil microbes. This in turn will increase soil aeration and the water holding capacity.

Potassium Humates 80% min
Humates (fulvic and humic)70% min
Potassium Oxide (K2O) on dry matter basis10% min
Organic Carbon (C)35% min
Organic dry matter50% min


Thanks to its complete solubility, GroGreen K-Humate is suitable for use in various irrigation systems as well as
with foliar spray.

Soil application: Either direct application or fertigation
The dosage rate ranges from 1 - 2 kg/ha/application, with a total dose of 4 - 6 kg/ha/season. For sandy soils,
the quantity is increased to 1.5 - 3 kg/ha/application and 6 - 8 kg/ha/season.
Field crops (cereals, alfalfa, corn, …): Use of 1 - 2 kg/ha sprayed on the soil after sowing or planting.

Potatoes: Use of 1 - 2 kg/ha sprayed on the soil after sowing or planting. Repeat the application during the
beginning of tuber initiation and 10 days later.

Vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, water melon, onions, etc...): Applications start after
sowing or transplanting, at the rate of 1 - 2 kg/ha. Repeat the application periodically at 1 kg/ha and with 15 -
20 day intervals.

Fruit trees: Applications start with 2 kg/ha during the root activity in spring, then repeated from 2 - 3 times in
the season at 1 - 2 kg/ha.

Foliar application:
Apply with a concentration of 25 g/100 L water. Repeat applications throughout the season.
NB: Dissolve well in water before spraying. Apply with a sufficient volume of water and avoid “run off”. Do not
apply during very hot weather or on crops under water stress. The best application time is early morning or in
the evening when the moisture is high in the plant.