GROGREEN GEL B-pHp is a highly concentrated fertilizer for rapid action against boron deficiency. The way B-pHp differentiates itself from other products on the market is that although the boron concentration is high, the pH is still very low at pH = 3.4.

In this way, you can use a highly concentrated boron fertilizer in combination with plant protection products without lowering product efficiency.

The solubility of the product is also guaranteed in alkaline and/or hard water conditions!

Nitrogen Total (N)4.30%5.60%
Organic Nitrogen (N)1.40%1.80%
Ureic Nitrogen (N-NH2)2.90%3.80%
Sulphur Trioxide (SO3), soluble in water10.30%13.40%
Boron (B), soluble in water8.10%10.50%
Copper (Cu), EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.005%0.007%
Iron (Fe), EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.150%0.195%
Manganese (Mn), EDTA-chelated, soluble in water0.066%0.086%
Molybdenum (Mo), soluble in water0.285%0.370%
Zinc (Zn), EDTA-chelated, soluble in water 0.026%0.034%

Foliar Spray

CropDosage RateTiming
Cereals3 kg/haAt 3 leaf stage and at tillering (GS 21 - 29)
Corn3 kg/haBefore flowering
Sunflower4 - 5 kg/haAt10 - 12 leaf stage and before flower bud apparition
Sugar beet3 kg/haAt 4 - 6 leaf stage and at row closure.
Cotton2 – 3 kg/haAt apparition of first flowers and 20-30 days later
Potato2 kg/haAt 4 - 6 leaf stage and before maturity.
Oilseed rape4 kg/haIn autumn at leaf development - Rosette formation (Stage B) and in spring at free buds (D2)
Vegetables (Tomato, cucumber,...)3 kg/haBefore flower opening and during fruit development stage.
Fruit trees3 kg/haDuring bud swelling stage, during fruit growth and post harvest.
Citrus3 - 4 kg/haOn spring shoots, after physiological drop and post-harvest.
Grapes3 - 5 kg/haOn new shoots in case of deficiency, before flower opening, véraison stage and post-harvest
Olives3 - 4 kg/haBefore flower opening, after fruit setting and post-harvest
Ornamentals2 - 3 kg/haBeginning of growth cycle and 15 - 20 days later