Potassium is considered a quality factor and gets involved in improving the photosynthetic activity and increasing the resistance of the plant to droughts and frost.

It ensures the contents in lignin, favoring the rigidity and structure of the plants. Potassium fertilization is also very important to increase nitrogen fertilizer efficiency. The lack of potassium increases plant's vulnerability to pathogens and causes a delay in growth. The application of potassium is therefore fundamental in all crops, but especially in horticultural crops, olive and vine.

With proteKt-K50 results will be visible quickly, since foliar absorption is faster and more effective.

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ProteKt-K50 is a high concentrated potassium Gel fertilizer with activated organic nitrogen ideal for foliar applications/fertigation at crop final stages. Our product improves:

- Fruit colour and size

- Formation and mobilization of carbohydrates towards the fruit (sugars)

- Stimulates photosynthesis- post-harvest life of cold-stored fruit

- Increases resistance against stress due to lack of water, since K boosts water economy, maintains the potential of solutes in conductive tissues and cells, and regulates stoma opening and closing

- Tolerance to cold weather and diseases

- K is essential for oil formation

Potassium Oxide (K2O), soluble in water50%
Activated Organic Nitrogen1%



CropDoseApplication Stage
All type of crops150-200 ml/100 l water (150-200 l/ha minimum volume)Maximum fruit development
Olive trees200-300 ml/hlBefore budbreak, flowering and maturation
Potato3 l/ha. 4 applicationsAfter closing of lines and during tubers thickening
Tomato, pepper, cucumber2 l/ha. 4-6 applications1 application before first flowering and 3-5 applications at fruit growth stage
Onion, garlic3 l/ha. 4 applicationsBetween the beginning of bulb formation and the beginning of senescence
Pome fruit trees2-3 l/ha. 5 applications
During fruit growth stage
Stone fruit trees2-3 l/ha. 5 applicationsFrom the stone hardening stage



CropDoseApplication Stage
All type of crops40-60 l/haDose distributed throughout the growing cycle. Especially
during maximum fruit development