Powder NPK

GROGREEN Powder NPK fertilizers contain mainly the three primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They can be combined together with secondary nutrients (like calcium, magnesium or sulphur) and micronutrients to cover the entire crop needs.

Our NPK products enrich the soil with nutrients for ready uptake due to the carefully studied formulations with different ratios.

As the powders are tailor-made, they can be formulated according to a specific situation:
specific crop or variety, nutritional needs during a specific growth stage,… as well as taking into consideration the different soil characteristics and the varied climatic conditions.

GROGREEN NPK is a water soluble product line for fertigation. Our products are formulated with a specific nitrogen balance, are chlorine free and instantly soluble. Due to its premium ingredients and well-thought out composition, they are the basis for a successful fertigation program.

Next to the tailor-made products, we also have some crop-specific formulas designed for either soil grown crops (GRINTA) or crops grown in hydroponic systems (SUBTIL).”

Tailor-Made NPK

Water-soluble NPK formulations covering a wide range of nutrient ratios


Crop specific fertilizers for soil grown crops. A fertilizer program in a bag


Crop specific fertilizers for hydroponics