Pro-forte AA is a plant fortifier with plant-based amino acids, vitamins and polyols.

The amino acids and vitamin complexes will improve the vegetative and root development, induce flowering, pollination and fruit set, increase the quality and quantity of crops, and protect the crop against adverse conditions. The free amino acids which are present in this gel are quickly absorbed by plants and influence a large number of physiological functions.

Polyols are intermediary components in metabolic pathways and will increase and accelerate the plant response to abiotic stress factors such as drought, salinity or chilling. They also play a part in photosynthesis and carbon translocation in the crop.

Pro-forte AA distinguishes itself by being very highly concentrated (40% amino acids), having a balanced proportion of different amino acids (mainly proline, glycine and glutamic acid), low chloride and heavy metal content and a complete solubility.

Total Nitrogen (N)7.0%8.7%
Organic Nitrogen7.0%8.7%
Organic Matter30.0%37.5%
Organic Carbon (C)17.5%21.9%
Free Amino Acids8.0%9.8%
Total Amino Acids40.0%48.80%
Vitamin Complex0.1%0.12%


Drip irrigation:
Arable crops (wheat, barley, etc…): Apply 3 – 4 kg/ha at the beginning of the season. Repeat the application before flowering.
Field crops: Use 2 – 4 kg/ha at 4 – 6 leaf stage. Repeat before flowering and after fruit set.
Greenhouse crops: Use 3 – 4 kg/ha during critical growth stages starting from post-transplant stage.
Fruit trees, Grapes: Apply 6 – 10 g/tree at the beginning of the growing season, then after fruit set until the beginning of fruit maturity. Repeat the application at post-harvest.

Foliar spray:

Apply during the critical stages of plant growth (transplanting, root system installation, flowering and fruit setting, fruit growth, before winter, before and after pesticide application, etc…). Use with an average concentration of 200 - 300 g/100 L of water/treatment. Never exceed a maximum concentration of 0.5% (or 500 g/100 L of water).

Crop specific recommendations can be given upon request and according to specific soil, crop and climate conditions.